Adding Value

Do I have to remodel the kitchen to sell?

We are asked whether doing many things will be worth it when you know you're going to be selling. These questions are hard to answer generally because they are largely determined by how much you want to list your home for, and what the market is like when you're ready to sell - not to mention your individual situation too. For example, in a seller's market a seller can get away with doing less and still sell for top dollar. On the other hand, in a buyer's market a seller may have to do more attract prospective buyers.

Which updates will add the most value to your home?

  • Two things that are almost always worth the cost: Paint and flooring are almost always worth the investment. They are not major costs and they add value immediately. They neutralize your home and give a buyer a 'blank canvas' to start with when they move in.
  • Updating the kitchen and/or bathrooms. This is where it gets harder to recommend spending this kind of money. We need to analyze whether the cost of a kitchen or bathroom is worth the investment, or whether pricing the home correctly in its current condition makes more sense. Whether you decide on a minor 'refresh' or a major remodel, updating the kitchen or bathrooms in your home will add value. If you do a full remodel, stay timeless with your updates, but also pay attention to trends. 
  • Increase space or add a bedroom. Add an extra bathroom, upgrade or expand your kitchen and/or master bedroom, add more closet space, or convert an unused space to a more functional space. Adding a bedroom if you have the space is one of the fastest ways to add significant value.  
  • Lighten and brighten your rooms. Paint rooms with a light color paint to neutralize your space. 
  • Revamp the exterior. Pay attention to your home's curb appeal. Buyers are making decisions about your home before they even walk in the door. Keep trees, shrubs, and grass trimmed and fresh. Add color with vibrant plants or by painting the front door an eye-catching color. Always add fresh mulch before going on the market.

There are many fairly inexpensive ways to prepare your home for sale and add value without breaking the bank. We can make recommendations as to what is necessary, and what you won't need to worry about when you're ready for us to stop by.