Getting Pre-Approved

At the beginning of your homebuying journey you should get pre-approved for your home, townhome, or condo purchase. A pre-approval will help you 'know your numbers' which is essential when buying a home. It is usually best to have your lender give you a 'template' of the numbers they use for your qualification. You'll want to know the price, taxes, and assocation fee (if there is an association) amounts that your lender used to come up with your approximate monthly payment. This way everytime that you look at a property you'll be able to tell if that property will keep you within your budget.

When you're ready to move beyond looking you can start your full approval process with many lenders. This makes you a great buyer in the eyes of a seller, and gives you an edge over other prospective buyers who are only pre-approved. 

Having your pre-approval or full approval in hand when you want to make an offer makes that part of the process less stressful for you as well. 

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