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Do you need to move in 2018?  You may ask why you should work with us.  Our past clients say it best...

We were living in a townhouse in Buffalo Grove.  We wanted you know something with a good structure with good bones and a yard.  Our townhouse had just like a patio and a small patch of grass. We definitely needed more space.

We bought our first home in 2009, smallest home but perfect for our needs and after a few years we decided that it was time for us to move on.

I was in a big 4-bedroom house, two kids off to college.  What I wanted was a smaller house put a bigger yard so I can spend my time outside.  So I was downsizing.

Purchased our first townhouse with Matt.  It was it was a great experience and when we decided you know we wanted to move on from the townhouse into a single-family home we had absolutely no other thoughts than MisterHomes.

This is the second time that I worked with MisterHomes.  He made us feel that we matter just as much as someone buying a million-dollar house and because of that I went back to him.

I plugged in online best Realtors, best rates and really liked the reviews from customers who work with Dominic.  First time I met Dominic it was really comfortable.  I didn't even end up interviewing anyone else.

Matt came in, super easy.  They set up an app for us to where anytime there was someone wanting to schedule a showing it came directly to us via text.  We scheduled probably 10 within the first several hours of the home being listed.

The same day that he listed the home were received an offer.  The following day we received three offers.  We were in contract on the third day after posting.

The day I saw this house we saw nine that day.  I think this was the third, and then I said that's it we got to go back to number three.  Came back to number three and said that night, "let's put in an offer, let's go".

Now I've seen most of our daughter's life being raised here in this home, and you know it's it's finally like starting traditions.  You know kind of having things that are constant.

We were able to put in the offer quickly.  We were able to buy this house.  It's a forever home.  A house in a great neighborhood, a great area.

He zeroed in on what I needed and what I wanted.  I gave him a little bit of direction, and he just nailed it.  He just he found it.  Definitely new beginnings here and it's it's good.  It's a really good choice.  This is the house.